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The Reverse Gear team consists of Aidan Clarke, Simon Mounteney and Steve Crane. We adopted the name a few years ago, when we ended up stuck after trying to drive the wrong way down a tram track in Le Mans.  We like cars, but we can’t drive them that well and we don’t always know where we’re going. Despite our limitations, we have decided to support The Outward Bound Trust by entering this year’s Rusty Rally…

Throughout adolescence, young people become less confident and less resilient than when they were children; their well-being declines and during periods of transition they are more likely to lose confidence in their abilities, experience anxiety and disengage with learning.  Low well-being is known to predict a wide range of negative outcomes later in life. The Outward Bound Trust provides courses that promote confidence and capability in young people, helping them to develop a more positive outlook that leads to

911 Sport will be attending the county wheels show at the Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa on the 23rd of April


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