Porsche cars are highly complex performance machines. To ensure they sustain their peak level of performance, regular specialist maintenance using approved tools and genuine parts is a must – and can only be guaranteed when choosing the correct and competent service centre

Being one of the countries most recognised independent Porsche specialists, 911 Sport is on a constant journey of improvement. Our technicians continually receive updates and the latest information to keep right up to date with your cars needs.

We have access to the latest software updates, specialist diagnostic and repair equipment, all of which ensure all the Porsche we work on are maintained and repaired in the correct way and to the highest standards.

What’s more, through working on high-value cars every day, our technicians have acquired an extensive knowledge, allowing them to deliver extraordinary attention to detail on every repair.

We guarantee all the work our highly respected technicians perform on your car meets the exacting standards held by an official Porsche centre. Our aim is to keep your car performing as if it were new, regardless of age or mileage.

Your Boxster is in the best hands at 911 Sport.

Here is a breakdown of what is included and the pricing structure of servicing work.

Minor service includes:

  • Fault code analysis
  • Replacement of pollen filter
  • Replacement of oil filter and engine oil using Mobil 1 oil
  • Provision of one litre Mobil 1 top-up pack
  • Inspection of: vehicle underside and engine compartment, coolant hoses, coolant (level and antifreeze check), radiator, air intake, brake system, brake hoses and lines, drive shafts, tyres, locks and latches, electrical equipment, horn, windscreen wiper washing system, power steering and fluid level check and lighting system (including headlights and indicators)
  • Final test drive to check all major safety, comfort and mechanical systems for effective operation followed by final post-drive fluid level check

Major service includes:

All items in minor service as detailed plus:

  • Replacement of air cleaner element
  • Remove the wheels to strip the front and rear brakes
  • Cleaning the brake pins and service the hand brake system
  • Check the clutch operation, steering gear, tie rod ends, axle joints, running gear, exhaust system, suspension, seat belts, throttle actuation and Polyrib belt. Replace if required
  • Balance all the wheels and check the wheel alignment

Please note specific items can change between certain models (GT cars, Turbo etc.)

Additional work that can be carried out on your Porsche at 911 Sport during the time it is with us for service:

  • Air conditioning check
  • Wheel alignment correction
  • Paint correction and detailing

All of these services with 911 Sport have a fixed menu price . Please call or email for prices.

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