Porsche N-specification tyres have been fine tuned to meet the specific performance needs of your Porsche. The same tyre manufacturer may also build other tyres featuring the same name, size and speed rating as the N-specification tyres for non-Porsche applications. These tyres may not be branded with the Porsche N-specification because they do not share the same internal construction and/or tread compound ingredients as the N-specification tyres. Using tyres that are not N-specific is not recommended and mixing them with other N-specification tyres is not permissible.

Due to advances in tyre development and car technology, mixing different tyre patterns, brands or even ‘N’ numbers, from the same manufacturer does result in an increase in road noise and significant changes in the handling of your Porsche. This is why 911 Sport are quite particular in the tyres we fit to your car. 911 Sport stocks a wide range of ‘N’ rated tyres for all Porsche models, and can advise you on the best tyre package to suit your specific driving requirements and maintain your car’s performance

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